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What is the importance of keywords in SEO

  • November 18, 2018
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To increase on Page SEO keywords are of great importance. SEO sets the position of the article in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Results Page (SERP) in google. In SEO we target a phrase, which is called “Target Keyword”. If you are confusing in SEO and Keyword, then understand SEO. Search Engine Optimization.

Ranking means the same page rank in your Post Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If you wish, by entering your website name in SEMrush site, you can check which keywords you have ranked in your site. Now know how many types of keywords are.

Types Of Keyword Used in SEO

There are two main types of keywords.

1. Short Tail Keyword

Short Tail Keyword contains 1 to 3 words. So it’s called Short Tail. Take a look at some examples of EX-Online earn money, Free Ebooks, Free jio phone You should have seen in above three examples of these Phrase (Keyword) within length of 3 words or 3.

2. Long Tail Keywords

Length of Long Tail Keywords will be more than 3. So it’s called Long Tail. Take a look at some examples of how to learn how to make blogging in 10 days, how to earn money from Whats App, How to Make Money Online in Facebook. You will see that the length of these is more.

Try to make sure that Long tail Keyword is used more. Everybody does this on a common scale. When you use Long Tail Keyword then Short Tail Keyword is also likely to rank easily. “10 Best Way to Earn Money Online” In this Keyword you see “Earn Money Online” which is a short keyword, it is also a good thing. Now the advantage is that when you rank a bigger keyword, the short keyword will rank itself.

LSI Keywords

The full name of LSI is the latent Sementic Indexing. This is a method. Through this, you can find out the relationship between the keyword and the content used in the post. When search engine bots crawl the content of your page, identifies them as common words or pharse, like Keyword. LSI works also to find Phrase stuffing.

LSI hides the matching response with content in your page title. LSI is to know whether or not you have repeatedly used words. You can not make the Search Engine fool by using the Phrase or title in the Random place on your page. So do not ever make this mistake.
The title of your post is “Budget Laptops”, so when LSI searches the “related word” within the content with this title. Like “Less Price Laptop”, “Inexpensive Laptop” will search for word like “cost effective”.

What is Keyword Density

You can also speak the density of the keywords. This tells how often a keyword (Phrase) is numbered in an article. The number of words in the entire text, how many times the keyword has been used compared to those words. An example is 100 words, in which your Phrase is 3 times, then Keyword Density was 3%. According to the search, High Keyword Density is a good sign for SEO. Remember that even if you are using the same keyword again and again, it is also wrong, it is called Keyword Stuffing. If you do this, your page will not appear in Google Search.

Whenever bots crawl your page, they crawl the keyword. From these, they know that your page has been ranked Keyword by rank. It should be more than 2% of the keyword Density and try to keep 1 to 2% if possible. Avoid Keyword Stuffing. The more you focus on the Main Keyword, the faster your page rank will be. Pay more attention to the same Long tail Keyword.

Where Should a Keyword be Placed

Keyword place on the right place of the post is a big art in itself. And these art will get you automatically by doing blogging. So here, something will talk about it.

  • Use Keyword in your first paragraph.
  • Use Keyword in Image Alt Tag.
  • Use Heading and Subheading (H2 and H3 Tag).

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